AtoX: The cold winter of the industry is the spring of project development

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AtoX: The cold winter of the industry is the spring of project development

Post by tongzhengshijie » Thu Apr 11, 2019 9:57 pm

Recently, the founder of social media site Reddit, Coinbase investor, and U. S. tennis star Williams (serena williams) 's husband, O'Hanyan, recently said that Bitcoin is experiencing a long-term market downturn. However, the industry's cold winter is actually the “The Spring of Innovation” of the token industry. Because after the market crash, people who stay in this industry are strong fanatics, not unreliable speculators. The token investors should not be discouraged by the industry's cold winter, as large-scale shuffle is actually beneficial to the long-term development of the industry.

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, also believes that the spring of innovation in the token industry is coming quietly. "The decline in the price of coins has prompted speculators to leave, and the true token believers are actually building infrastructure for the long-term development of the industry."

Despite there were opponents claimed that, the market crash proved that Bitcoin has died out. But O'Hanyan believes that the truth is far from that, "Some of the smartest science and technology people I know are still trying to solve these problems. They are building a blockchain-based company. The hype is over, the enthusiasm is gone, but I think it's a good thing for all of us. "

AtoX is a project that returns to the original heart and accumulates itself in a bear market. From a strong technical team to an all-round layout of ecological construction, this is the accumulation and precipitation of the project, but also a prelude to profound accumulation!

Technology is the top priority, and the blockchain really needs to return to the technology itself. The AtoX project's technical team set up the AXC Silicon Valley Lab based on Stanford's strong technical strength and technical talent. The project members have mastered the most cutting-edge industry knowledge and have been fighting for the first line of technology research and development all the year round.

Based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology, AtoX breaks through the chain expansion problem caused by the low performance of traditional blockchain technology. Through the chain compression technology, it can be more flexible to realize the construction of the application. Therefore, AtoX can not only maintain the advantages of the centralized platform, but also realize the security and reliability of the decentralization.

The technical characteristics of AtoX are summarized as follows: atomic cross swapping technology, which can realize the security protocol of value exchange between different blockchains; lightning network technology, can realize unlimited high-speed transaction on one blockchain;The technology of first storage and then consensus, The transaction of the database table can be pre-executed in the database first, and then sent to the blockchain network for consensus.
It is worth mentioning that AtoX's Ai enhanced cross-chain technology, it technically overcomes the triangle contradiction of decentralization, security and commerciality, and is a leading technical architecture.
In the face of drastic changes in the internal and external environment, we should return to the blockchain itself and truly regard the blockchain technology as the starting point and the foothold. Through the continuous enrichment and improvement of blockchain technology, we can find more possibilities for realizing externalization. For the blockchain industry that is in the cold winter period, returning the development of the blockchain to the technology itself, and finding more development possibilities through the perfection and enrichment of technology, may be the most suitable manner to get through the winter for the blockchain industry.
With the advent of a new era of development centered on blockchain technology, it is believed that the future development of blockchain will truly enter a more stable and strong development era.

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