Tark Wallet: Choose the most suitable cryptocurrency wallet for you in 2019

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Tark Wallet: Choose the most suitable cryptocurrency wallet for you in 2019

Post by tongzhengshijie » Thu Apr 11, 2019 9:56 pm

Since Bitcoin appeared 10 years ago and quickly took over the page layout of mainstream medias, the development of encrypted digital assets has received a wide range of concerns. In addition to the actual application of digital assets, as the most important part of the security of digital asset, the role of the encrypted digital asset wallet (Token Wallet) in the blockchain world cannot be underestimated. As with the role of banks in the real world, ideally, encrypted digital asset wallets should escort for digital assets. Therefore, any blockchain application is ultimately inseparable from the encrypted digital asset wallet, which is the foundation for the development of the blockchain industry.

Currently there are two types of encrypted digital asset wallets: cold wallets and hot wallets. The concept sounds classy, but in fact it is easy to understand. A cold wallet is a wallet used offline. The most common cold wallet is to write the private key (wallet address) on paper with a pen, or store the private key on a mobile u-disk, and more professionally, in some hardware wallets. Their common feature is that they are not connected to the Internet. The advantage is that they are very secure, but the disadvantage is that they are very troublesome when trading. The common wallets in the networked-state are hot wallets, such as exchange wallets. Hot wallet are easy to operate and trade, but relatively less secure than cold wallets. Even so, frequent operations and transactions have made most users who view encrypted digital assets as investments and purchasing power more keen on hot wallets. Here are some of the most popular hot wallets on the market: T-ark, Huobi Wallet and HyperPay, from the user's point of view to provide you with a reference to see which hot wallet is more suitable for you.

T-ark wallet
As a rookie of the coin circle - Tark wallet, its strength can not be underestimated, T-ark can decentralize storage and manage a variety of blockchain and token assets, such as BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, USDT, etc., greatly improves the convenience and liquidity of user asset storage, the privacy of the wallet address, completely grasped in the hands of users, to simplify the complexity, make up for the deficiencies. Secondly, starting from the security of user assets, T-ark creates a deep-level data structure for storing and managing user keys. It is a higher-level security mechanism protects the habitat of private key in an all-round way, and is committed to building a globally open network payment system. At the same time, in addition to the traditional wallet function, T-ark (T-ark Wallet) gathers the resources of major trading platforms around the world, and sets up a 24-hour market dynamic section, allowing users to monitor the trend of the token in real time. Finally,the layout of diversified application scenarios, in addition to the most basic creation and asset storage, T-ark gives more scenarios for storage and distribution. Wallet users can use the assets in the wallet to directly purchase items from Newbuy Mall. It will also open dozens of high-end applications such as the settlement of AXC, through the alliance of businesses to achieve domestic airlines to buy tickets and dozens of high-end applications, to create a perfect ecosystem of digital token.
Huobi wallet
For domestic users, the name of "Huobi" in the domestic blockchain is still quite enough. In the second half of the year, Huobi launched a new version of the wallet, changing the wallet mechanism. Compared with the previous one, it is more in line with the trend, and the page is designed to be more refined than the old one. Despite the fact that they are backed by Huobi exchange, the team is also a Huobi team, the main body of the Huobi Wallet APP is not offshore, it is Beijing Dongfang Fuze Technology Co., Ltd. In terms of security, the Huobi Wallet uses a secure keyboard. When the user needs to enter a password, the security keyboard will pop up for the user to use. The fingerprint verification has been added to a recent update, which is a nice design. The Android version of the Huobi Wallet prohibits screenshots throughout the process, which adds the security to users who use Android phones. The Huobi wallet integrates the decentralized exchange function, but in terms of the decentralized exchange experience, we expect the Huobi wallet to give more surprises in the next iteration. According to users’ feedback, after experiencing the exchange function, it is found that the exchange time will be longer and the experience is not too good. However, in today's increasingly tightened regulation, the centralized exchanges will be in a more difficult situation, and decentralized trading is indeed an inevitable trend. Therefore, the Huobi wallet is also an innovative attempt.
According to the official announcement, the HyperPay wallet is a onchain and offchain hybrid wallet that supports iOS and Android systems. However, in actual experience, the HyperPay app does not have a download channel in the mainstream mobile app store in China, and only supports Google Play and official website download. The HyperPay mobile app continues the style of its website. Despite the visual impact, the top right-hand side of the page is similar an icon to view the trend. Click in to see the real-time price and quotation of some popular coins, which is a very friendly design.In terms of security, according to HyperPay's official publicity materials, HyperPay uses the technology of separating the hot and cold wallets, 90% of wallet funds are stored offline, and the wallet confidential information on the blockchain uses AES256 encryption technology to store. Each time the user enters during use, the PIN code is required for both the on-chain and the offline wallet. In terms of trading, HyperPay currently supports the storage and transmission of 19 main blockchains and 110+ digital currencies such as BTC, ETH and EOS. However, from the perspective of media propaganda and community activity, the HyperPay wallet team is mainly for domestic customers.

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