At 10 years old, Bitcoin is a wunderkind who’s fighting for our freedom

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At 10 years old, Bitcoin is a wunderkind who’s fighting for our freedom

Post by ridoy » Mon Jan 07, 2019 7:31 am

On the 3rd of January 2009, Bitcoin was brought into the world to fulfil a prophecy: chaining blocks together in order to unchain the world from the crooked financial system, eliminating the individual and institutional middlemen from economic activities, and establishing a system of consensus and trust that is based on permanent verification. At the time, in the context of a ravaging recession, governments of the world were printing money in order to bailout the banks that caused the entire mess, while critics of fiat money were longing for the days of the Gold Standard.

Not everyone raised their eyebrows when they heard about the birth of Bitcoin, but the early adopters were definitely visionaries who decided to nourish the newborn until it reaches its full potential of becoming sound money. From father Satoshi Nakamoto to uncle Hal Finney and beyond, Bitcoin has been constantly educated and moulded by the most brilliant minds of our time. Just like John Stuart Mill has learned ancient Greek by the age of three and read most of Plato‘s works at eight, Bitcoin has taken the best of computer science, game theory, and Austrian economics in order to outgrow its teachers and bring to the world something truly new and innovative: sound and uncensorable money.

As more people discovered the virtues and capabilities of Bitcoin, they have become greedy and decided to borrow the DNA in order to clone the prodigy and create something else which serves their interests. Some uncles of Bitcoin wanted it to grow up with bigger blocks, others thought that a few privacy features would serve it better, and there are also folks who thought that our hero’s genes would be able to build a world computer which runs multiple applications in a decentralized way. One way or another they all had their cake, but when they tried to eat it, they noticed that the taste is not as sweet. visit for more information.

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Re: At 10 years old, Bitcoin is a wunderkind who’s fighting for our freedom

Post by varzandeh » Thu Apr 04, 2019 8:40 am

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