Tark wallet: there is no the safest, only the safer

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Tark wallet: there is no the safest, only the safer

Post by tongzhengshijie » Sun Apr 14, 2019 11:18 pm

By the end of 2018, there were about 340 digital wallets worldwide. Due to differences in product form, private key storage mechanism, and integrity of data preservation, it may show different characteristics in different usage stages. These characteristics may become vulnerabilities in certain environments and cause digital wallets to be attacked. Once the security issue is discovered, the user will be stolen from the digital property, and because of the special nature of the token structure, the stolen assets are very difficult to recover, so the security of the wallet is crucial.

In 2018, the loss of digital assets due to wallet security vulnerabilities was about $1.2 billion. Through risk classification, the main issues in the field of wallet security can be focused on technical risks and artificial risks. The digital wallet industry is also facing severe security issues as it grows rapidly.

The growing number of digital wallet users shows the urgency of market demand, and people are in desperate need of a more secure digital wallet - Tark wallet came into being.

Tark wallet is the world's first dual-form cold wallet security protection mode to protect the user's token assets! The biggest difference between Tark and other wallets is the difference between decentralization and centralization, the difference between on-chain matching transactions and digital matching transactions.

First, Tark Wallet implements blockchain 4.0 cross-chain storage. Tark adopts blockchain 4.0 technology, which integrates the on-chain and off-chain double-ecological cross-chain token wallet, surpassing the third-generation blockchain technology based on which BTC, ETH, EOS and other main circulation tokens are based, and realizes a leap from block 1.0 to 4.0, it will meet the user's all token asset management needs with one click.

Second, the Tark wallet completely isolates the network. When the wallet is idle, the network will automatically open the never-on-network mode. It builds transactions and signatures at the cold end, and broadcasts transactions at the hot end, creating a strong protection shield for the token assets, completely eradicating the network hacking and resisting the asset risks caused by various reasons.

Third, double password of seed and payment to take security to a higher level! Compared with the traditional token asset wallet, Tark wallet strictly controls the payment and withdrawal operation, and the two password security management mechanisms of seed password + payment password prevent theft of assets and fraudulent use, encrypted storage, never touch the net, secure verification and delete after you use.

In the end, Tark wallet is easy to operate and greatly enhance the user experience! Tark comes with high-configuration mobile terminal equipment, which can be conveniently carried by users, the ultimate hardware experience, convenient operating system, powerful online information and information functions, and let you grasp the asset trading information, token stock market trend, to invest step faster.

From barter to banknote transactions to electronic cash to digital assets, technological innovation has been driving the development of world financial history. In the future, digital assets will become an important part of the payment ecosystem, and wallets will be the gateway to traffic and the most important link in the ecosystem. The emergence of Tark wallet is to meet the needs of the times,aiming to global settlement ecosystem without borders and intermediaries.

Tark Wallet - everyone will participate, everyone will get the world's top security.

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