Blockchain life 2019

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Blockchain life 2019

Post by genzeralex1 » Mon Apr 08, 2019 4:08 am

Blockchain life 2019 SINGAPORE Conference:)
is the biggest international forum on blockchain, cryptocurrency and mining in Russia, Eastern Europe and Asia
All topics about:
What cryptocurrencies expect growth at the end of the year?
How to make money on new cryptocurrencies
How to bring cryptocurrency to the regular money (Fiat)
Where to store cryptocurrency correctly in 2018?
Effective cryptotrading strategies
What will happen to bitcoin? What will replace it and will it?
Cryptocurrency package – what is it in 2018?
All about the technology of the blockchain
The scope of the blockchain
How to make money on blockchain technology?
Implementation problems and solutions
State and blockchain
The future of blockchain
How to use blockchain in Your business
How to stand out among other ICO in high competition?
How does an investor choose an ICO for investments, minimizing the risk of the Scam
Working with funds: how to attract funding without crowdfunding?
Average return on investment in ICO in autumn 2018
All about ICO advertising and secret channels to attract investors
All types of mining and their advantages/disadvantages
What mining machines to buy now?
Bitmain and new manufacturers – a comparison of the effectiveness
Where to place mining machines?
The current ROI and forecasts
Effective mining. What to bet?
All over 5 thousand metres of networking zones:p

More than a lot of starters and drinks for everyone
A hot and a a spectacular conference which will gather more than 5 thousand people together in Singapore Marina Bay Sands

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