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Become A Part Of Social Network That Bring Crypto Player Closer Together.

About : is a social network for blockchain players. It is a collaboration tool, a marketplace, an information hub and an application showcase - an all-in-one platform for crypto companies, investors, developers and researchers to leverage the power of crowd economics, crowd creativity and crowd intelligence.

The platform includes all the possibilities of typical social networks, where people interact amongst themselves, form groups, and engage with organizations, leading to limitless new outcomes. On top of that, it is also designed to include specialized tools for the crypto community. Users can showcase their skills and seek co-creation or work for organizations. Start-ups can list their offerings and products for investment, advice, and collaboration. The news section brings updates on blockchain technology and its applications around the world, users can stay informed about cryptocurrency prices and trends, and there are blockchain specific tutorials for those who want to learn more. Upcoming features include tools to follow successful investors and a marketplace to buy and sell blockchain related products. Also, on the roll-out list are tools that connect’s underlying technology to the blockchain ecosystem, such APIs, plugins and a mobile application.


Social Network:

Set up your personal or professional profile, connect with blockchain & crypto professionals, follow blockchain companies, network, post, share, comment & discuss on any blockchain- or crypto- related topic.

Getting started made easy:

Newbies find an extensive database of explanation videos on all relevant topics like blockchains, ICOs, token economics.

Showcase & Integrations:

Companies, Investors and Solution Providers can showcase their products to gain visibility.

Coins, Prices & Exchanges:

Follow all coins, prices, volumes & exchanges.

Jobs, Projects & Gigs:

Post & find vacancies, post or apply for a short term project or post or buy a gig.

News & Press Releases:

Read up on the latest curetted News & Press Releases.

ICOs, Bounties & Airdrops:

Discover promising ICOs to support, or find airdrops and bounty programs.

Forums & Discussions:

Join forums and topics and discuss every aspect of the decentralized world.

Why participate?

By participating you contribute to the creation of a versatile and multifunctional platform that facilitates all kinds of interactions and leverages mass adoption of crypto trading and blockchain applications. All CHRYPTO utility token holders enjoy all benefits of a premium membership to access exclusive functionalities of the platform.

Affiliate Program:

Become an affiliate partner and earn 10% commission on every sale you referred.



Sign up and add your ETH wallet address during signup or in your profile
Add a profile AND cover image
Tweet about or the Airdrop
Follow on Facebook and/or join the Telegram group.
You will receive 1,000 CHRYPTO tokens after the Token Sale ended. is free to join, but it also offers several memberships, e.g. a daily briefing directly to your inbox.
Join now!

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