Crypto-Cash Faucet

ATTENTION: We are in the process of rolling out user registration and a membership dashboard for the faucet. Eventually linking that with the forum user database. Please register and if you have any questions, feel free to email us – – **YOU MAY ONLY HAVE ONE ACCOUNT**
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Welcome to Crypto-Cash Faucet
You are just a few steps away from claiming your free satoshi:
1. Create a wallet account (we suggest Coinbase)
2. Create a Faucet Hub account and load your wallet address into the profile (Faucet Hub will manage all of your faucet transactions)
3. Create an account here
4. Place your wallet address into the box below on this page
5. Fill out the Captcha box

You may claim up to 100 times per day.

We pay out every Sunday once you have reached 10,000 or more satoshi. You can check your balance by clicking here.

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[btc-faucet-form-text placeholder=”before_form_end”]Running since 6/13/2017[/btc-faucet-form-text]
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